Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Lord, Adoration, and...Fabric Softener?

I had my first hour of adoration yesterday morning at about 4 am. It was the first time I had been alone with out Lord in that sort of setting. The experience was humbling. Nothing like it. There is a powerful sense of fulfillment praying before our Lord in the wee hours of the morning.

I can’t say I’ll ever be the type of Catholic that hones in prayer and contemplation like a well calibrated laser beam. Despite all my attempts to master my ever wondering mind, I couldn’t help but think about the strange banners hanging from my Church’s ceiling. “They look like large…purple….sheets of fabric softener” I thought to myself before mentally slapping myself on the wrist. More discipline next time. Hopefully those silly banners --Holy Fabric Softeners--will be taken down by that time. I’m sure it makes…somebody…think of the holiness of Lent. Makes me think of non static laundry.

Lord give me discipline and a sharp mind!

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Core said...

I've always just sort of "blanked them out" and it never really sunk are right! Fabric softeners, that's exactly what they look like.

My kid caught me blowing one above my head during the announcements at the end of mass, and I'm thinking, wow, I can't blank it out any longer! I'm gonna kill that guy from Deo Adjuvante... :-).