Monday, September 14, 2009

Lurking Monsters

No, nothing under the bed. Nothing in the closet. Nothing hiding in the dark. It’s a common conversation you have with your kids. Children seem to have the greatest sense that monsters lurk in the shadows, just waiting to pounce. As parents, we role our eyes, pat them on the back or give them a hug, and tell them there are no such things as monsters. The boogey man is a thing of legend. We’ve been fooling ourselves.

Do I mean the devil? In a way, I think that evil bastard may have something to do with it. Not directly, but in a way I think he has his hands in it all. What I’m talking about are the cowards who prey on our children. Monsters waiting till it’s dark to strike on the most vulnerable.


Almost every month there’s a new story of child abuse on the news networks. Child taken by a convicted child rapist and murdered, baby brutally tortured and killed by her homicidal parents, missing girl found after being abducted and raped for years, boy seduced and raped by his teacher.

Child…missing…never to be found.

The news is chalk full of these stories. Each one, a nightmarish horror. Who could possibly prey on a child. A CHILD! These countless news stories are just the tip of the iceberg. All to common are the stories never reported. The kid who’s too scared to tell anyone that he or she is being raped by someone they know. Kids beat to a living pulp by drunkard parents. We live in a society that preys on it’s children. We live in a society where even the most vulnerable, the sweet child dependant on his or her mother inside the womb, is thought by ‘progressive’ thinking people to be an acceptable loss as long as the mother and/or father find comfort in it. If that is progressive, than I want to be backwards.

I’m in a funny mood. Just watched this video.

I can’t remember feeling much rage for any news I’ve heard in my life. Maybe I’m desensitized…maybe we all are. The one news story that did make me howl in rage and hit my steering wheel was the recount of how Jessica Lunsford died. Clutching the small stuffed animal that her father had given her while she tried to free herself from the plastic bag that she was placed in. She suffocated. Suffocated so an animal--not a man--could have his evil pleasures. I yelled. I hit my steering wheel. If that man was in front of me, I would have killed him with my bare hands. God help me, I would have.

I’m sick of it all. Sick of little kids being victims. Statistically, one of my four girls is supposed to be a victim. For what? What the hell did they do to anybody? They were born? Do I have to wait till one of my girls are preyed upon? I have a friend who’s already going threw that nightmare. How she has her sanity, I have no idea.

There are monsters, folks. Like most, they prey upon only those who can’t fight back.


His Path Through The Wilderness said...

I often question God about such horrors and pray that they will come to an end. I have a beautiful daughter and can't imagine anyone hurting her...what I mean is, I know people can, but the thought makes me want to vomit.I want to do whatever I can to protect her and the other innocents. May we do all we can in Jesus' name. Thank you for the post.

Karen L. Brahs said...

After watching the video of Baby Brianna you posted, I am sickened with grief. Because I am a grandmother of six beautiful children, I understand your anger and disgust, and share in your desire for vengance - God help me. The only thing I regret in the video is that the parents were made to look like victims themselves - victims of ignorance in raising a child. But what men fail to see is the pure evil that they who brutally killed this child allowed to overwhelm and consume them. The darkest blackness is reserved for souls such as these.

Thank you for your post.